Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Dat?


You are invited to the 4th Annual Carnival Ball of the

"The krewe with the edible doubloons"

Where: Our House (email me at for directions)
When: Mardi Gras Day (that‟s Tuesday, February 16, 2010) from 8am until we get tired of it all
What: Pancakes, and lots of 'em (maybe some syrup, too)
Who: You
Why: We can‟t eat all those pancakes by ourselves
Krewe Fees: We're supplying pancakes, syrup, coffee, milk, juice, and probably Leigh's homemade king cake, so bring whatever* else you want to eat, drink, and share with others between 8am and whenever – that's what we like to call a “potluck”.
Specialty Throws: In honor of the Saints, we will have our own limited edition black and gold doubloons... and they'll taste good, too!
Honorary Krewe Royalty: King… Cain C. Rupp
Queen… Pat O. Butter

Need to get ahold of me? Email me at

* food disclaimer: please bring something other than pork, shellfish, catfish, or anything that mixes milk and meat in the same dish.

“Religious” disclaimer… We started this because we like pancakes, always make too many of them, don’t want to give up our parking spots for Mardi Gras, and like company. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian tradition of observing Shrove Tuesday or “Pancake Day” by making and eating pancakes, which we didn’t learn about until a couple of years ago. Of course, if we were the NFL, we’d file suit and demand royalties from anyone else who eats pancakes on a Tuesday, but we aren’t the NFL, so we’ll just let it slide.

Invitation written by Dan C., my ever-sufferin', ever-lovin' husband.

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