Friday, February 12, 2010

From how far away did people come to the Lombardi Gras parade this past Tuesday?

Well, lots of people from across the river...some from across the lake...some from that parish upriver...

...and at least one lady from Alabama, who gave me this gem of Bob Breck's:

He might have been at least a little punch-drunk during the making of that forecast, if not actually drunk. Check more of Saintseester's links and pictures here.

"Some kinda tackle that split the sofa" is another grand reaction to Tracy Porter's pick six.

More evidence that the Saints put the team back in "team sport".

And, finally, we're heading into that weekend before Mardi Gras day. Tonight is a (gasp!) four-parade night due to the weather and the scheduling of the parades. Bundle up, hell is still freezing over. And pace yourselves out there.

In your calmer moments, ponder how best you can contribute to making city government better. Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu wants to know.


saintseester said...

The more I think about it, the more excited I get for New Orleans. Y'all have a brand new Mayor for the start of a brand new era. You have dedicated people working hard to rebuild everything from houses to school districts. Even the football players are part of the community.

We went to a party with a million other folks and there was not a single fight any where near us. It was a shining moment for the city.

rcs said...

A friend of mine talked to some people who had driven down FROM KANSAS. Yikes!

[ this is jerry ] said...

Bob's been a bit more ... uh ... colorful than usual as of late.