Thursday, February 25, 2010

Posted some stuff on Humid City concerning the Roots of Music and why we still need it. Donate to the program through this link.

I also look forward to seeing a PayPal account opening up for the victims of this fire. I'll pass on the link once Oyster gets it going.

The Tweeter Tube passes on this nifty interview with David Simon about his new show Treme and about how he learned that Martin Amis likes him. Adrastos details, in recent days, his experiences as a re-enactor...whoops, recreator of the 2006 Krewe du Vieux parade for a Treme shoot.

And me, well, I'm reeling from one of the more insane weeks on record. My son is being held together with super glue for the skin, I'm an art fool failure and a sucker for Pomeranians that are about to be run over on my street, and the only thing that has enabled me to giggle uncontrollably at this point - aside from our family Zamboni fetish - is this video:

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Exclusive - Curling Team Tryouts Outtakes Pt. 2
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So yeah, I need help. Hope tomorrow and next week are better.

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