Thursday, February 11, 2010

In all truthfulness, I'm glad the parades are postponed/cancelled for tonight. Gives me another chance to try to get over my sore throat. It's a pain in the rear being sick during Carnival.

To tide you all over 'til then, I give you my latest post over at Humid City, a day late but most definitely not short in any way. It's pretty long, actually.

And as a person who remembers when there was a parade or two every night the week before Mardi Gras day, I agree with the yaller blogger's tangent on parade scheduling. It would certainly go easier on a friend of mine in the NOPD and his buddies, who've had to work some major amounts of overtime compressed into just a few days.

I also can't get this outta my head:

To think, we coulda schlepped over to Lucy's to eat that night. It would have blown my son's mind even more, which was already blown by seeing Drew Brees atop that Bacchus float.

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