Monday, September 01, 2008

WWL Live Feed is here (Thanks Mr Clio)

They're showing the funnel of the Industrial Canal full to the tops of the floodwalls.

Dear God, it is SCARY.

Talking to Major Tim Kurgan of the A. C. o' E., who is talking about the project to close the MRGO, and how great it's gonna be - when it's finished next year.

I am so, so sick right now.

Mississippi River at the Carrollton Gauge has risen 5 feet.

They're seeing wind tearing into siding and stuff in Galliano, according to the Lafourche Parish sheriff. "Tremendous evacuation compliance" has made for few emergencies in Lafourche, aside from a house that caught on fire and burned to the ground last night.

NOLA City Councilman James Carter is now on. No arrests - "The message got out about Angola!" Angela Hill says kinda jokingly. What is the reentry plan for NOLA? Once the storm is completely past, then the mayor and the city will be letting people know. Carter says things on the West Bank are better than expected.

Shots of the Algiers Canal - a patch that was put in yesterday is being pointed out by Katie Moore. It is actually holding, which is amazing considering it looked like glorified sand dunes with plastic barriers around them. At least it wasn't newspaper.

Lots of river flood warnings. St Tammany Parish tornado warning - watch those outer feeder bands. Eyewall around Cocodrie right now. Houma is really gonna get slammed - all because Jim Cantore is there. National Hurricane Center is actually RIGHT in their predictions about the eyewall and where it was gonna hit. I'm getting even sicker.

NOLA might get pinched by potential 6-9 foot surges on both sides. Gustav, you bastard, move faster inland. Tornado and flash flood watches for all of southeast Louisiana will be in effect until tomorrow AM

Major fire at Broad and Esplanade, says the mayor. Starting to see wave overtopping. Industrial Canal at France Road is being shown. Scary, scary once again. Two small ships and a barge have broken loose in the Industrial Canal and are banging against the floodwalls, and the Coast Guard is trying to get hold of those. One ship might have been in a repair dock. Weren't those boats supposed to be out of the canal? Angela asks. Ummm, yeah.

Power outages all over. Things are still early. Still watch and wait.

S & W B is on emergency power right now and can stay that way unless the power company gets flooded.

I've gotta run.


asoom said...

where are you???? are you and your family on "safe" territory?????

Leigh C. said...

Asoom, we are in Oklahoma City, with my parents. We got out on Saturday afternoon, stayed over in a hotel east of Dallas, and got here on Sunday afternoon. Don't worry. More about my evac at another time.