Sunday, September 21, 2008

Must read: Christian Roselund's eyewitness account of what went down at the Thursday night RSD Facilities Master Plan meeting

Karen Burke of the RSD offered to meet with Bagert and his mid-city organization the following day. However towards the end of the presentation, fellow mid-city resident Shana Sassoon asked a question that was likely on everyone’s mind: “If our numbers are right, will you change the plan? And after hearing all our concerns, will you change the plan?”

This remains to be seen.

E comments on how non-inclusion in the Master Plan has affected Frederick Douglass High School.

School communities like Frederick Douglass never quit on the kids. Instead, the city quit on the school communities. How else could a nationally acclaimed writing program like Students at the Center be discouraged from returning to Douglass? Instead, Paul Vallas and the RSD are implementing an experimental "theme" school at Douglass, a police academy, for the next year before the facility will likely be shuttered.

That's not change, it's more of the same failed slash and burn policy.

I was one sick, puking puppy yesterday. None of this helps me feel better, that's for sure...

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Sorry to hear of your stomach illness, here's hoping it clears up and you feel 100% better soon.