Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just 'cause I'm in the mood...and because Sheckrastos has inaugurated a "Be Nice To Texas Project" to help aid the Texas Gulf Coast, I give you...a little something from some dude seeking the basement of the Alamo:

I hope he finds his bike there very soon.

Oh, and apparently, any teardowns that were being rushed though by Hizzoner the Walking Id must now have the consent of their city council district representative to go through. Ummm...hello?...what about the committee that was supposed to be doing this job? Anyone? This process is still waaaay off the rails.

Just for that, here's Rice University's Marching Owl Band:

For another view (and some funny comments) of the same performance, check it here.

So there.

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Cold Spaghetti said...

That Pee-Wee scene is one of my all time favorite movie moments... replayed regularly within the confines of family game nights.

Thanks -- I needed that pick-me up!