Friday, September 05, 2008

It is now four days since the storm. Still no electricity and some areas are without water. We have been doing an in-depth review of the status of our bayou communities. We are heartbroken to discover that our communities of Isle de Jean Charles and Pointe au Chene have been virtually destroyed by this storm. The attached pictures will illustrate this point much better than any words can describe. For every picture of a home destroyed, a family has been displaced and its members left to contemplate their futures.

In a conversation I had with someone from a national organization today, the haunting words were said “It looks like you dodged a bullet!” I tried to refrain from over reacting to the comment as it was obvious that the local and national media do not consider us worth covering. Once again the United Houma Nation and its tribal citizens have been ignored and our People have been left to fend for themselves in the face of this overwhelming catastrophe. We offer thanks to the creator for all who have reached out to help us in our greatest time of need.

The communities of the United Houma Nation have been hit especially hard by this last hurricane.

Please go here to learn how you can help.

There but for the whims of a storm's movements go any of our communities.

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