Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maitri mentioned that she was following these tweets from the Austin American-Statesman.

I took one look and this one about floored me:

As a kid I watched the eye of Alicia pass over my house. Last night Ike did the same. Life is way too short. Hug somebody, Now.

more pictures and information here

video of immediate aftermath in Galveston here

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sophmom said...

Yeah. I also followed the Austin & Houston media tweets as well as a few individuals. I spent most of Friday night into yestereday morning communicating with my sister in Houston via text (tried to get her tweeting as the storm approached but she resisted). We did get a chance to talk for a while mid-day yesterday. She said it was rough. She lives in the Heights/Montrose area and said "the trees are all gone". Her house is okay and her grown kids are okay. She was cleaning out the fridge and heading to neighbors' house to cook it all up.

I will also add that one of the big surprises to me was what Rice U did. I have a nephew who's a freshman there (from PA, step-bro's son). They sheltered in place. I've never heard of such a thing, not from UNC-Wilmington, where The Oldest spent 5 years or from Loyola NO. What were they thinking? Tough is one thing, reckless is another, but those students got a Real Hurricane Experience. Yikes.

I think we're just waiting to see what happened in those smaller communities to the north and east of Houston. Ike was terrible.

Y'all take care, darlin'. Life is short and so so fleeting, isn't it?