Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I learned at tonight's emergency meeting on the numbers analyzed and put to work by a concerned group of folks from the 4th SFMPOP Planning District, in a nutshell:

-The RSD planners, when confronted with the numbers analyzed, admitted that their numbers were wrong.

-The 4th Planning District activists got the planners agreeing to bring revised recommendations to the Paultards (Vallas and Pastorek) for possible inclusion into the Master Plan

-The key is getting OTHER folks in OTHER planning districts to take those numbers (which were analyzed for the whole city, mot just the 4th district) and beat the RSD over the head with 'em.

A start is getting more people to sign this petition, which is currently nearly a tenth of the way towards the goal of obtaining 1,000 signatures. Add yours and get everybody else you know to add theirs. Otherwise, flood the RSD with your emails at Snail mail 'em to the OPSD office at 3520 Gen. DeGaulle Dr.

More on the meeting tomorrow. Must. Sleep.

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