Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today, I will be making Hamantaschen and scrambling to get hold of some noisemakers for the little guy's class tomorrow, so that we can counter the cultural (i.e., Christian) activity of searching for stuffed Easter eggs in the park. I cringed at having to get hold of some plastic eggs for this purpose, especially since I saw some eggs that are completely, totally symbolic of what is going to tank Western civilization as we know it.

I'm not talking about the gross Cadbury creme eggs, or those nasty Marshmallow Peeps.

I'm not talking about the Disney Princess, Spider-Man, or SpongeBob plastic eggs.

I'm not even talking about the ready-made action-figure themed Easter baskets.


I give you: Camo Eggs.

Yes, they will make the hunt infinitely more challenging...but there is yet another dimension to these goobers. The little guy took one look at them and, after establishing for the thousand-and-eighth time that no, we don't celebrate Easter because yes, we're Jewish, he said,

"Ohhh, army eggs!"

Ladies and gentlemen...when our armed forces have so fully permeated even our celebrations, our rituals, and our games...isn't that some sort of harbinger of doom right there?

To heck with that - I'm gonna make some Haman's ears and celebrate the day the bastard was hanged in Persia many, many centuries ago. Yee-hah! Purim sameach!


jeffrey said...

I'm still not convinced that this is an indication of the militarization of Easter as much as it is the result of man's never ending search for a more hide-able egg.

Of course the best way to hide Easter eggs is in plain sight..but we knew that already.

Maitri said...

If my current web host ever releases my domain name, I may make an Easter post yet.

Leigh C. said...

Ohh, these will most certainly be hideable eggs - they'll be hidden, most likely, until somebody comes across it in the next year or two afterwards and finds the chocolate bunny inside has melted into a pile of brown goo.

Just THINKING about THAT possibility had me buying Starburst chews to go in the eggs rather than chocolates.

asoom said...

cameo easter eggs???????

Seriously people, what the hell!!!!

saintseester said...

Um. I am ****SO**** getting me some of these. The green ones will make awesome geocaches!


Hey - you teach. Make a passion quilt block for me.

droudy said...

Disgusting. No other word for it but disgusting.

Happy Purim!