Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh, hey y'all, it's li'l ol' me again...

Because I am out on the Left Coast, and because I am much more concerned currently with such tidbits of info such as the fact that incidents involving mountain lions and bobcats are on the rise in the outdoors surrounding the in-laws' general suburban idyll (I'll bet the developers never figured that kind of wildlife into their equations), I have missed the RSD news that Ashley has dug up and G-Bitch has so ably commented on.

My only other comment, among many other curses and epithets I could hurl, is - huh, Dan Packer, Mr “Good faith is optional, but belief in quasi-public utility monopolies is mandatory.” I think the RSD kids had better start installing many, many solar panels on the schools that are about to be knocked down.

Check out Tom Lehrer YouTube #2 in my previous post, folks, 'cause the RSD/BESE is embarking on New Orleans' "New Math". And our brains will never be the same, but the system most likely will be. Ugh.

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