Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's nap time for all the stuffed animals:

Let's start with an easy question: Which one is not a Plush Appeal stuffed animal from off a Mardi Gras float?

And now...which one is the little guy's favorite stuffed animal?

Answer later in the week! Prize to be determined.


saintseester said...

My guess is that Nemo is not off of a float. And the little yellow dog with floppy black ears looks like a candidate for favorite.

Nola said...

I'll say little yellow doggie is not from a float. And Nemo is the fav.

So cute!

New Orleans News Ladder said...

He likes da'dog, ya'heard me?
Don't all stuffed animals naturally carry the "Happy Gene"?

I'm gonna borrow you again to counter another article on these demolitions.

Thanks for keepin'da lights on it.
Editilla D'Aphasia

NOLA radfem said...

Love it!

The clownfish is my favorite animal in the world - guess it's because orange is my fave color. Plus, I love their bouncy, teasing personalities.

Leigh C. said...

I do like seeing them in the aquarium, squiggling their way through the anemones. The little guy has become especially fond of the moray eels lately, for some reason. They're green, they're huge, and they keep opening and closing their mouths - and to him, that's mesmerizing.

Somebody needs to make a stuffed animal moray at some point...

oyster said...

My Answers:

the orange one?

the yellow one? ;-D

droudy said...

I'd say the little yellow dog is not from a float AND it's also the favorite.