Thursday, March 13, 2008

Note to readers: The date and time on the following post is actually 3-14, 11:10 AM. I'm placing it after the RSD post, however, due to some prioritizing on my part.


Thanks for your answers to my quiz, everybody! However, I am sorry to say that nobody answered both questions correctly.

Oyster and the Seestergirl surmised correctly that the giant clownfish was not from off a float. The little guy's grandparents got him that one.

As for everybody's guesses that the yellow puppy might be the fave, that's good thinking...

But Puppy is a close second to the likes of:

Mr Squawkey!

Oh, well. The prize woulda been five random books from my shelves...'cause I gotta start getting 'em outta this house!

Thanks for playin'! Y'all be well.


saintseester said...

Oh Damn. I ALMOST picked the parrot for his fave. Ah well, that'll teach me to stick with my first guess.

have a great weekend.

LisaPal said...

Ah! The parrot was my first choice but it should be no surprise that I didn't get around to commenting in time. (Usually when I'm catching up on my blog-reading, I have a little girl sleeping with her head on my shoulder -- a big typing deterrent.) I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting with you guys at SpringFest but to be sure you got it, I wanted to comment here rather than after one of your comments elsewhere. Sorry it's so long overdue!