Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daniel Z. alerts us all, via the comments at Obamoyster's post on New Orleans magazine's link policy, of other folks who have asinine linking policies: Don't Link To Us!

My personal fave:
According to an AP report (cited in Slashdot), Intentia International has filed criminal charges against Reuters PLC, alleging that the news service illegally obtained an earnings report that the company had not yet released, by guessing the URL at which it had been posted on Intentia's public web site. Intentia claims that the report was "not available through normal channels," according to AP. (Also see Financial Times and CNET News.com reports.) DES permalink
My knee-jerk reaction is: if you don't want people to know a damn thing, don't post it on the internet.

Thanks very much. I'll be here all week...until I possibly get hauled off to the clink along with E and Greg. And when they ask me if it was worth it to be hauled in for alerting better-minded folks to the biased scraps of pouffy information that pass for news articles that get devoured by the privileged one percent of the population in these parts, I'll say, "Hell, yes...the truth is out there, but these people choose to ignore it."


droudy said...

More signs of anti-blogger ignorance:


If they want to close Pandora's box, good luck. Besides, we're only doing so well because MSM usually opts out covering what we talk about (i.e. what needs to be talked about).

NOLA radfem said...

"The start of the meeting was running late."

No, people can run late, but "starts" of meetings don't run late.

No wonder they don't want anyone to link.

saintseester said...

I agree; what is with these people who have things on the internet, and then say, no one was supposed to know yet. Doh.