Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best take on the idea that Obama can get that consolation prize of being Clinton's running mate:
This week Senator Obama had to shut down any idea of him being Hillary Clinton’s running mate. I know and understand why Barak doesn’t want to be labeled the “black candidate”. The longer this thing goes on the more he has to deal with black people situations. Do you know how many times I have had to train my future supervisor? Do you know how many times I lost jobs to friends of the CEO’s cousins and nephews? The feeling of entitlement in those circles is real. I have spent lots of time working under someone that should have been working under me. Hillary just played the "accept your place" card on Obama.
Best take on Spitzer 'Hogate:
Because if he was a Republican, he'd have been caught on video with FOUR hookers doing blow off copies of classifed CIA documents about Iran while wearing only a wet suit and one nipple clamp, with a dildo shaped like Fran Drescher stuck in his ass and the stereo blaring the collected works of Sun Myung Moon in the background while he screamed "You're not my mommy!!!!" THAT'S why I'd be interested.
Best take on all the pharmaceuticals in our drinking water:
Gross. Anybody else out there get the queasy feeling that such lingering effluvia isn't limited to what medications people take?

In any case, I'm not too concerned. At the moment I have wisdom-tooth-related pain, and last night I had a headache on top of that. Hugging the tap didn't do jack squat for that, though it is worth noting that my menstrual cramps have completely vanished.

What are our fools in Washington drinking? Apparently, caffeine, ibuprofen, monensin, naproxen, carbamazepine and sulfamethoxazole. Oh, and power.
And as for me, I've been taking a LOT of pictures. I'll have more thoughts on those later.

And this contest ends tomorrow. Get your best guesses in ASAP!

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