Monday, March 24, 2008

Dear God, it's a parent's worst nightmare...and it shares some similarities with the dream I had about all my clocks in the house being wrong.
I sent an email to the city and the school board with a few
suggestions. I think it would be a good idea to have the same registration dates for every public school and that date should be sometime in June. Our population is changing too much daily for the current process to be fair to parents. The
second suggestion is that people shouldn’t be allowed to register a child for school unless that child is actually the age required to go to school. There is no way pre-k programs should have a two year waiting list. People are registering their kids for school when they are two years old and I am sitting
here feeling like a bad parent for actually waiting for my daughter to turn four. Waiting might be a costly judgment call. The last suggestion is this. I think the city should spend the money and create a map of every available school in the city with phone numbers and class ratio and mail it to every house in the city regardless if kids live there or not. The person at that address may have ten family members about to return home. We should do it every six months or until the situation is stable (whatever that means). There are schools open that I only found out about by seeing them in the Mardi Gras parade. Who has the time to track every single opening or new charter? Of course, I could always send my baby to the school around the corner from the house. Since they just started cleaning old furniture out of it recently, I don't think it's going to be ready
by the time she graduates elementary school. She'll probably end up going across town to a school I have to pay for and have to get up at the crack of dawn like she's going to work in the ship yard.

This isn't right. This is all wrong, wrong, wrong, and it will be hampering our recovery by a few more years, at this rate. I'd say much more, but I've gotta get off my in-laws' computer.

All of this schools nonsense is making everybody feel as though they are living on time borrowed from somebody somewhere. Too many parents are being told, "Too bad," when they haven't kept track of all the miniscule changes that could make or break their kids' entry into a school that is right for them. This situation is getting more slippery than your average moray eel.

And parents and their children are told to suck it up and pay for it.


Cold Spaghetti said...

This issue... ugh.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the priority of children, the substance of families, is still so under-resourced. Of course, if you listen to that crack-pot "Louisiana Recovery Minute" on 89.9 you'd think that we have more school choices than we can handle and opportunities galore for new school to open. HA! As a parent who fought *tooth and nail* to help open a preschool, I can say from experience that the city is not interested in the slightest in helping children and families and, in fact, works actively against their success.

saintseester said...

I know. It is the children who grow up in New Orleans who are going to want to stay for the long term, mostly. You'd think that is where the focus would be first.