Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anniversary Alive

This is an auspicious day. Remembering one storm while being buffeted by another.

We stay here now because our house survived storms for over 100 years. We stay because our son's school initially only gave him three days off. We stay because I lived through one category 1-2 hurricane when I was a kid and felt that we could do all right with this one, despite my mother's worried texts from Oklahoma City. We stay because most people we know here are staying as well, because we all know what evacuating for Gustav was like - and the mess that was the return.

We still have power, amazingly enough. I've been on Twitter most of the time 'cause that's where my people are. Everyone in range of the storm, stay safe.

Also, here's hoping everyone in the area of Braithwaite got out all right. It went through hell four years ago.