Monday, February 16, 2009

Yep, it's that time of year again...

You are Invited to the 3rd Annual Carnival Ball of
“the krewe with the edible doubloons”

Where: Our House - email for location at

When: Mardi Gras Day (that’s Tuesday, February 24, 2009) from 8am until (we really have no idea how long this is going to last)

What: Pancakes, and lots of ‘em

Who: You

Why: We can’t eat all those pancakes by ourselves

Krewe Fees: Hey, all we’re supplying are pancakes, syrup, coffee, milk, juice, and probably Leigh’s homemade king cake, so bring whatever else you want to eat or drink between 8am and whenever (and make sure there’s enough to share) – or as our friend, Jimmy, puts it, “Act right and bring something.”

Specialty Throws: In honor of the 50th anniversary of the doubloon, we will have our own limited edition doubloons... and they’ll be chocolate chip flavored

Krewe Royalty: King… John E. Kaechs
Queen… Mabel C. Rupp


saintseester said...

Too bad my kids' have to be in school MG week! One of these years, one of these years.

Leigh C. said...

Too bad we missed YOU this year! Freaking ill health. I will have to dub Mardi gras 2009 as the sick Mardi Gras, since too, too many people I know are in various states of illness right now. Ugh. 8-(

GentillyGirl said...

I told Betts about this and she almost died... there goes her diet.

We will try to make it. Just must close the Sales Office in honor of the day.

(Her 1st parade was 3 years ago and now I want her to just enjoy Mardi Gras and screw the 'puter stuffs.)

Tell me what I could bring Darlin'.

mominem said...

What does kopas mean in Hebrew or Yiddish?

Leigh C. said...

Well, in this language, it pertains to mathematical sets:

And there are lot of folks with the last name "Kopas", which is apparently a version of the Hungarian "Kopasz", a nickname of sorts meaning "bald".

Closest thing I can think of to "kopas" in Yiddish is "kaporos", which is a term for a ritual done on the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur, when all our sins are put on a live chicken and it is swung by its legs over everybody's heads, then killed.

No, we don't do that for the Jewish New Year. And no, we won't be doing it on Mardi Gras, unless somebody decides to try it with a rubber or plastic chicken caught from a float...

nola said...

I am usually pooped out by Fat Tuesday. Iffen I am still moving, we'll mosey over and "act right."

P.S. I have kiddo's car toy...

mominem said...

I like the idea of live chicken swinging.

It's right up there with cow tipping.

Dr. A said...

We'll be there!

Amy said...

We are so excited! :) You know we will be there :)