Saturday, February 14, 2009

My question (or, rather, my husband's) from a while back still stands.

Was anybody near the intersections with cameras for the recent parades? Did they take pictures of floats that failed to stop on red?

I can just see Oshun and Pygmalion piling up the $110 tickets as their floats moseyed on past the camera'd intersections, with the tractor drivers and the riders much more preoccupied with the bead-needy throngs than with obeying the traffic laws.

Happy V-Day, be safe at the parades, and here's a Mardi Gras Misheibeirach for all the folks with ailments this season:

Mishabeirach avoteinu
Mechor habracha l’imoteinu
May the source of strength
Who blessed the ones before us
Help us find the courage
To imbibe our alcoholic beverages despite the risk of hangovers
And let us say “amen”

Mishabeirach imoteinu
Mechor ha’bracha l’avoteinu
Help those in need of healing
With r’fuah shleimah
The renewal of body
The renewal of spirit
The strength to yell for beads and other chazerai
And let us say “amen”.

Be well out there, folks.

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D-BB said...

What do you think Simon would say if it was 1970 and Claudine Longet would sing for the judges?