Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Well, in better news I got today...

Nice righting of a wrong, Dave

Gawd bless Bill Hicks, wherever he is.
Perhaps he's in Arizona Bay...

...or, perhaps he's in another place...

Update, 2-4: Found my copy of Love All The People last night and realized I hadn't fully finished the book. Where was the bookmark? In the middle of the 30-plus page letter Bill Hicks wrote to John Lahr, the author of his New Yorker profile, about the Letterman incident. From the first paragraph:

Jokes, John, this is what America now fears - one man with a point of view, speaking out unafraid of our vaunted institutions, or the loathsome superstitions the CBS hierarchy feels the masses (the herd) use as their religion.

Anudder Update, 2-7: Oyster linked to this comprehensive Hicks post from blogger Anntichrist S. Coulter. Go through the links. You'll be happy you did - it'll be as though you've squeegeed your third eye, as the man himself would have said.

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