Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lordy, I'm tired.

Seems New Orleans has paid a price for Lent this year, as the future of the Mother-In-Law Lounge is now in doubt.

Seems like Ms Antoinette was in the Muses parade only Thursday and I was commenting on the manicure the Emperor of the Universe sorely needed. Ernie K-Doe's mannequin needs help, too.

Oh, that's right. The Muses parade was this past Thursday.


I went out to visit a certain yaller blogger on the parade route yesterday and ended up in lockdown for an hour or so because of this sick idiocy. Dear God, it was Mardi Gras, for crying out loud. Why? Why even attempt to pull a weapon in a crowd of innocents and cause such pain at the points of bullets?

And I knew it was really bad when my dad called. It had made national news.

The sick, cynical phrase "keeping the brand out there" is the only thing that comes to mind.

Largely because I'm tired.

(Update, 12:31 PM: Clay goes into more detail on Mardi Gras day crime: So, now what? We're a poor city with a history of injustice, but there are plenty of places in the world that fit that description that don't have NEARLY the problem with crime, specifically murder, we do. I'm going to propose that our criminals have a very low respect for human life and specifically are very low on Kohlberg's stages of moral development. The best outcome now is to make an example of the suspects, should they be convicted.)

The other thing Dad talked with my husband about yesterday during the same phone call? The splendiferous, uber-Republican, "critical thinking" science education-loopholing, stimulus-rejecting, I'm-talking-slow-so-you-can-really-get-it trainwreck of a governor we have.

So there were two good things about Mardi Gras yesterday, actually:

-being able to hang with good, good friends, blogpocheh and all, and their friends and family over pancakes and Rodeo Lawyer Beer.

-completely missing Jindal's response to Barack Obama's address

T'was a happy Mardi Gras despite.

Though I'm still pooped.


Rob Walker, who wrote a great deal about the Mother-In-Law Lounge in his Letters From New Orleans, posted a little something about Antoinette K-Doe here. Rest in peace, Empress of the Universe.

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