Monday, February 09, 2009

If you care about elementary and secondary education at all in this city, I give you another blog to watch:

Adventures In Homeschooling

Looks like St Catharine Academy will be doing well by one little girl.

For more on the final straw leading to why this got started, I give you this post from Amy.

Oh, and if anybody can recognize the people on this board, let me know.


I had a kick-ass time marching in Krewe du Vieux for the first time Saturday night. Problem is, I'm too sick to write all I wanna write about the experience. I give you instead my Flickr shots of folks' costumes at Colton before and after the parade. I give huge, big thanks to NOLA Slate for sustaining me with rum through our merry march and letting me tag along with her cart full o' goodies and even throw a few. I will revisit this again once I quit feeling like the walking dead.


Kelly said...

I just developed severe anxiety after reading those blog posts. It doesn't help that it's preschool application time :)

Amy said...

Thanks for posting the link to the site, Leigh. I hope that eventually someone will pay attention and do something -- you know, someone with actual power, not us parents. *cough* *cough*

BTW, the Left Behind link you have posted, do you happen to have the DVD of that movie or know where I could pick one up in NOLA? I tried Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. No go. I also looked on borders and Barnes and Nobles. Hmm. I forgot amazon. :)

Hope you are feeling better!!!

Leigh C. said...

You might want to email the folks at the Left Behind site...I think there is an address near the bottom of the homepage.

Saw it when it was showing at the New Orleans Film Festival a couple of years back and I was in tears, as were my companions Sophmom and Dangerblond. Just a horrifying story about what is hurting New Orleans' kids...and this was BEFORE the storm hit.