Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Woohoo! Oyster's blogging again, meaning all of y'all checking out the blogpocheh's tributes to Ashley are doing the right thing. Best of all is how we're overwhelming Hana Morris - in the right way:

Hi you all. Thanks for still coming 'round.

I am going to keep this blog open and keep you updated on what's up with our family and such.
At this moment, I am overwhelmed with all the support I am getting from all the bloggers, the New Orleans community, Lusher school, DePaul community, and old friends. I will be forever grateful for this. I realized that New Orleanians are a family; not a community, not friends, a family.

I will post things as they become official but things are just coming together. All the things Ash did not have time to finish when he was here are happening now. The kids college education will likely be taken care of. The graduation speaker he wanted sooo much finally accepted. And - Entergy is putting the street tiles BACK.

He did it all even though after he passed. He was just larger than life.

Keep your donations coming. T-shirt tributes inspired by Ashley can be found here and here. Proceeds from the sales of 'em will also go to Ashley's family.

Got lots more stuff and nonsense to blog about, and I'll get it out eventually because my brain needs the extra space. 'Til then, send your funds and your good wishes to Hana and the kids. The Big Easy Rollergirls have. What's stopping you?

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