Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Musings

courtesy of Ms Ingman and her wonder blog

Fun with keywords, by my dad:

Ebay likes to correct your searches.
For example...

Thanks, Dad. That's about right.

Are We In A Recession?, Parts One and Two. Lock up your snack foods, folks, and run for the hills, else you'll be up to your armpits in former Bushies looking for work!

The Right Reverend has a picture of what the white liberal DailyKos bloggers look like. He's also got some straight talk from Obama on what is gonna help bolster his presidential campaign. It certainly HAS to work that way for every candidate now, and that's kinda insane.

I have been doing my best to slog through New Orleans After The Promises by Kent B. Germany (which E has also been reading), but I find myself having a tough time getting past the various acronyms for all the civil rights organizations and Great Society-era agencies that cropped up in this area. It's kind of a shame because I want to get at one issue that is related to the school demos, but I have to dig a little deeper into the book to present it well. At least, I think I do...

...until then, I give you a nifty game you might want to play to see how much of a racist you really might be. Watch that trigger finger, and those pre/misconceptions, too!

Speaking of pre/misconceptions, Kevin Allman commented recently on one of the pictures in the Ethan Brown article on New Orleans' murderous times:

That's quite a piece in Radar, particularly the scary picture of the seemingly abandoned building captioned "SCENE OF THE CRIME: The intersection of Marigny and Burgundy, a notorious drug corner near the location of an execution-style murder this February."

It's interesting to me because that's my corner (one block off Elysian Fields, behind the KOPS copy shop), and 1) it's not a "notorious drug corner"; 2) and I have no idea what "execution-style murder" the writer/captioner could be talking about. In February? Two months ago? Who would that be?

It's just a corner in the Marigny. Sts. Peter & Paul Church is on one corner.
Occupied houses on two others. And the big scary house in the photo is undergoing rebuilding, as are a good percentage of the houses in town (it was a wreck before the storm).

I don't dispute the writer's overall theme - things aren't great here, and they're not getting better - but if anyone's headed to Marigny and Burgundy to buy anything but a cup of coffee down the street at Marigny Perks, they're likely to be disappointed. As am I at that article.

Seriously, if anybody has a clue as to what happened at this particular corner, other than a nifty, ominous-looking lighting job perfect for a photo op that makes it look like nefarious deeds have happened there:

...please let me know, and I'll relay the information to Mr Allman. Hell, the way things are going down here concerning crime information, I'll relate it to the NOPD, since they may not know themselves. Scratch that - I'll post it here.

Got up at four-frickin'-thirty this AM, and got caught up in this video Mr Clio found. "Back that thing UP!" is gonna be in my head all day, especially since I need to back up my ol' resume with new information for potential employers. One of these days, I'll get to a Saints game, even if it means sitting on top of the thing hanging from the ceiling. To get out, I'll just rappel my way down to the field and get moving. I might be able to balance out all the "bowling balls" on the field that way.

Not much else to tell, here. I'm simply trying to stave off the inevitable discussion of the hard living down in these parts these days. When I can get down to it, I'll be back on it again. I can't avoid it, anyhow. It's a profound dream that stays with me at all times...because I have to constantly turn it over in my mind and look at it from as many angles as I possibly can.

At this rate, I'll stop when I'm gone.


dsb said...

The Right Reverend? You believe that hooey? Funny pic and all, but the thesis is lame. Way overstated. As if wealthy white liberals are the problem. They're annoying, maybe disappointing, embarrassing, even hypocritical. But on the scale of badness, they hardly register. They're easy targets, fun to caricature, but they don't really amount to much in the big scheme of things.

Leigh C. said...

Perhaps if they did, this might be a different electoral landscape. I just thought I'd throw it out there. I don't agree with EVERYthing Bailey posts, but it's definitely worth some discussion. Especially the criticism of online pundit-o-ramas such as DailyKos.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

I'm sorry your having such a hard time. I may be down there for jazz fest. I'll put this offer out there, if you need any help, even with small chores or someone to watch the tyke while you go out and relax (i used to be a nanny and i'm in grad school for education degree), let me know. I'm happy to help anyone in new orleans. I use my guilt at taking the easy route by volunteering when I'm in nola.