Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Unlike JazzFest itself, this one is absolutely free to the public, unless you want to attend the patron party beforehand. That's right, folks, you don't have to pay. There's even food and drinks served afterwards that you don't have to pay for, either. The choir, of which I am a member, is footing that bill. And yes, I too am singing there this Friday.
No, you don't have to be Jewish to come. Hell, even Barack Obama can come and there will most likely be no repercussions for his political career. At least, I think there won't be any. One can never be too sure in this circus called the presidential race.
Hey, there will be children singing there, which is all Steve Martin would want. I think...
Oh, for goodness' sakes. If what I've said hasn't convinced you to come, I don't know what will. Just do your best to stop by.
That way, we can all celebrate the end of one of the more hellacious Aprils in recorded memory.
Well, to my memory anyhow.
Citizens City Hall has some speechifying up from the meeting at Dixon Hall Monday. Pastorek brings up education as it applies to voting. I wonder if he happened to catch this little item. I do hope future generations can become educated in such a world-class manner that they can rise up and see when history is being repeated. Once they see that, I hope the way in which they use that education will then benefit us all and turn the clocks forward on economic and racial equality.
Otherwise...19th century, here we come.


dillyberto said...

Let's get this month over already!

Nice post.

Dr. A said...

We will be there!

saintseester said...

I sure wish I was over in your neck of the woods. Free + Music = good times.