Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hi everybody,
This is Hana, Ashley's wife. I am sorry to tell you but Ashley passed away this morning, Wed. April 2, 2002 in Florida.
Everybody who loved him and whom he made laugh, please pray for him and his children. Things are going to be a little crazy now as I have no fucking idea what to do. Pardon the profanity but I guess you must be used to it from here.
I will post again the funeral arrangements and such.

I wish this were a joke....

...but it isn't.

Large numbers of people who knew this man in person or from his posting are in tears, tonight. I know I am.

Please give Hana Morris and Ashley's and her three children every ounce of support you possibly can.


saintseester said...

This is so, so horribly sad. NOLA has lost a great advocate/citizen.

chrissie said...

I just found out this morning. I had to read it over and over to believe it.

Poor Ashley. Poor Hana. And his babies, his poor babies. I can't put this together in my head.

swampwoman said...

Dammit, I have been so sad about this all day long - reading the countless tributes to him from all the blogs, and trying to probe the void of a man who's passion for New Orleans, and passion for life will be no more. I never really met him, seeing him at RT2 working the sound board was the extent of any contact with him.

But online he was engaging, thought provoking, funny to read, vulgar and profane, absolutely one of my daily check-ins of online happenings in the crescent city. He was kind, responding to comments and even passed by the mosquito coast and offered a thought on occasion. Voracious for information, and always prolific with passionate posts and funny vignettes. I feel so sad for his family, for his children. We are collectively mourning his loss, so very tragic.