Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello from the northeast!

This is simply to say that I love New York...

...but when all we want is the traffic reports so that we can get from LaGuardia Airport to my grandparents' home on the south shore of Long Island without getting held up by, say, the pope's motorcade or a load of folks trying to rush to their suburban idylls after a hard week in the big city, and the radio gives us the following:

-a woman recently divorced from her abusive husband is hacked to pieces by him on the street shortly after her divorce was finalized.

-a sex offender is caught after trying to lure a fourteen-year-old to meet him through the internet. Among all the stuff found his car were loads of condoms and beer.

-a homeless man rummaging around in some garbage cans in lower Manhattan finds some plans for the Freedom Tower to be built at Ground Zero. Those plans were labeled "secret" and should never have been found intact in the garbage. Heads will roll.

.....truthfully, all I can say is,"Dear GOD, I HATE 1010 WINS!!!!"

Plus, since I've been here, I have seen one demolished house and two houses with all openings boarded up, the place where we used to live now has some primo shopping just down the block, and a Popeye's has opened up in a former funeral home not far from my grandparents' neighborhood.

The weird has always been a profession here in the five boroughs and Guyland.

Gotta love it!


New Orleans News Ladder said...

You so funny you
"When the going gets weird the weird turn pro"-HS Thompson.
I feel good now to have commented on the blog of someone who may have been delayed by traffic from the Pope's motocade. Whoa.
You know he met with the chief Rabbi?
I'm not making this up!
The Pope and the Rabbi...
you're going to have to finish it.
Oh and I would have commented on that last post'bout said it all, Babe. Whew!

Have fun at yer Gran Mere's, Mon'Chere.

Marco said...

1010 wins with murray the k was another story. too young? i used to listen from little rhode island