Thursday, April 03, 2008

There have been loads of tributes to Dr Morris today. Many collections of pictures, poetry, YouTubes, rereadings of Ashley's classic blog posts (indeed, rereadings of his entire blog, for some), and other remembrances of this lifeforce have come down the virtual pike today. Our grief is far from over, but we are not alone in our feelings for this man.

All I could think of when I came across the following picture was this:

Somebody please tell me why the guy on the right couldn't pass his death-defiance on to the guy on the left?

Dammit, Ashley, we're still missing you. Check with at least every other New Orleans blog on the right, folks, and you'll see how much it hurts. Start with this post from First Draft...

...and then check what councilmember Shelley Midura said about this fiery family man.


D-BB said...

He will be missed.

alli said...

I keep going to his blog and thinking that there will be a post saying this has all been a big joke.

Somewhere Jeffrey wrote that even though he only knew him through the internet, it feels like losing a family member. I feel the same way.

Haven't been able to stop thinking about his kids. Goddamn, it's too tragic.