Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Lord! There was only one entry in yesterday's contest, and she got the answer partially right. McCain actually referred in that debate to Teach For America... and Troops To Teachers. G did way better than an FD, but it wasn't all there. I'll go for partial credit and pass her $2.50.

C'mon, people, step up a little. Don't lurk on this one. It's for a good cause, really it is.

Hmmm, maybe if I get a little snarky, it might get something going....

You see, down by the river, somebody has the brilliant idea of removing a major chunk of the Quarter's parking, eliminating Woldenberg Park, and constructing a floating thing that reminds me of what happens when Blade Runner and the contraption Jodie Foster traveled in in Contact come together. God save us all from yet another thing with the acronym of NOAH, as the first two prominent organizations in these parts with it have come to bad ends; it only ensures that this ark will remain a fantasy.

On the other hand, a fantasy rotting in a spot closer to the lake looks like it may gain new life and possible daily mass dousings of green toxic gumbo, with the possible help of some GO Zone bonds. We're waaay past the days when all that put Nickelodeon on the map was You Can't Do That On Television and everyone was just waiting for somebody to say "water" or "I don't know". The network couldn't let the slime and the mess die, either, so they incorporated it into a game show with a host that had a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's so sad when your serotonin level can't allow you to enjoy hosting Double Dare every day:

I do hope Marc Summers is not still straightening out the fringe on his carpets.

Sooooo, for a certain green piece of paper (it will not be slimy), here's today's Rising Tide contest question (rules here):

Which TV show used to air in huge several-hour blocks of time on the weekends on Nickelodeon? (all right, Varg wants more specificity: we're talking about a show dating from Nick's murky beginnings. It used to be on on the weekends ad nauseum in the early '80's)

Leave your answer below.


Varg said...

Couldn't there be several answers to this question? Help a brother out and add some more specifics.

Leigh C. said...

All I can say is think of the network's earliest days and its deepest, darkest beginnings. That is all.

candice said...


At first I thought it was Calliope but that was a different one.

You see, I was five years old and had cable in 1986.

Varg said...