Friday, December 19, 2008

I Am A Hostilidays Wuss

Well, it happened. And ultimately, I guess I am to blame for this state of affairs.

I've been giving Dan some day-to-day recaps of the 2008 Hostilidays YouTube Wars, the highlight of which, for him, was Sheckrastos' rude, crude entry. He's actually been telling some people at his workplace about it, which I thought was bad enough...

...but he just couldn't let it go.

How do I know this?

Last night, after putting our darling son to bed and making sure he was fast asleep, Dan did a Google search for some more truly awful videos and he found the mother of 'em all....or, actually, part 2 of the mother of 'em all. He went to get ready for bed while I found parts 1 and 3, and he and I witnessed the whole sordid, socially unacceptable, blasphemous tale. I mean, NOT safe at work, NOT for the kids, GUARANTEED to start a 21st century crusade, that kinda thing... expressed in a comment on the YouTube page for this thing:

well it was hilarious..but ur goin to

Once I got out of the fetal position I was curled into and got off the floor, I thought about whether or not I oughta post it on this blog. Could I possibly get away with a "Most Awful Family In Britain" sort of presentation, in which I simply claim that the video is so, so bad, it just can't be shown or linked to at all?

How to share this H-Bomb of a moving picture with those who would be most appreciative of it?

Well, that's one of the ways in which the holiday spirit has triumphed.

I gave this abortive holiday miracle to the NOLA blogpocheh in an email and threw it out there for any of 'em to post, any of 'em at all to share it with the world. And the only one who had the steel ovaries to even throw up a link to it was Morwen.

View it at your own mental risk. Hehhehhehhehhehhehheh....


Anonymous said...

I am now a ruined woman.

mominem said...

I thought you were a nice Jewish girl, embarrassed by the video.

You are evil, tempting and tricking the innocent into duplicity with your corruption. It's all very clear now.

Leigh C. said...

Yep, I'm a devious Hostilidays wuss.

But at least you have a on it...don't click on it...