Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some people out there won't let the YouTube wars go.

So, if you're gonna post something as horrid as Heidi Klum singing, I'm gonna post the song that is apparently giving the Christmas songs a run for their money on the British charts. Only thing missing from the hordes of hora-dancing preteens are the grandparents busting moves. Oh, and the translation of the song is not exactly "Baby, Let's Dance":

And, some slightly better news coming from Humid Haney: yesterday was Bill Hicks' birthday. Whatever higher powers there might be took him from this earth waaay too soon. And I'm not talking 'bout Republicans.


saintseester said...

This just gets better and better. Do you think the objective mediators need to step in and settle the dispute? Send in peace-keepers?

Leigh C. said...

I'm picturing a (video artist) Nam June Paik-like stack of computer monitors in the shape of a Christmas tree, all of 'em playing the YouTubes featured in this cheesefest. And we can locate it right in front of City Hall.

sophmom said...

If you haven't already, I dare you to go to Toulouse Street and see the bad holiday video Mr. Wet has at his *other* blog. It's more than just a bad holiday video. It's the worst video of any kind I've ever seen. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same again. Ewwww. He wins. He wins. Please, someone make it stop!!


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