Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Lord.

Karen brings word of a demolition lawsuit being brought by homeowners against the City of New Orleans and the Walking Id, Da Mayor.

Then Scout finds this nifty tidbit involving Alphonso Jackson.:
And beyond, looking for better appears opportunity struck in 2005 with Katrina. In the wake of Katrina, HUD thought HANO needed to have a construction manager to "repair and rehab its housing units." And of course (William)Hairston needed work. Voila--- Hairston received a non competitively bid HUD contract that "paid more than $485,000 for working at HANO during an 18-month period." Now an investigation focuses on the question of whether Alphonso Jackson threw that contract to his friend, Hairston. Reading of Hairston's financial struggles makes the question more compelling as well as perhaps explaining why Jackson was determined to keep Hairston on the government teat even though HANO thought he was of no use.
Things are certainly heating up in our chilly town.

Yes, I know the chill is relative. I just talked to my grandparents on Long Island. They're looking at seventeen degree temperatures tonight. Brrrrrr.

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