Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All right, I guess I got the order wrong.

First to go will be the housing, then the schools.

How do I know this?:
The 20-year-old man implicated in a bizarre October armed robbery -- and subsequent flight to then-District Attorney Eddie Jordan's house -- was accidentally released last week from Orleans Parish prison and remains at large, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Elton Phillips, the suspect in an Algiers gas station stick-up and a bit player in a circus-like drama involving Jordan, was also named a suspect in the fatal shooting of a New Orleans police officer. Two other men were later arrested in that killing, and Phillips has not been charged in that case, but police have not publicly cleared Phillips....

...The reason for his release stems from either a clerical error or a misreading of a screening document from the district attorney's office. Late Wednesday, officials from the DA and the Sheriff's Office pointed fingers at one another for the improper release.

The document, a screening action form submitted to Gusman's office by the district attorney's office -- dictates the jailer's action on all prisoners. Options on the paperwork indicate whether the case was accepted, refused, diverted or referred.

At the top of the paperwork, a prosecutor circled the "referred" option, which a representative of the DA said proved his office ordered Phillips kept behind bars.

All I want right now for the coming new year is competent law enforcement, prosecution, and prison management in this city. Complete with an office staff that can read and ask questions if they aren't sure about the documentation that they are given.


Update, 12-27: I guess if this does happen again, we can get the St Charles Parish deputies to book 'em.

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Drive-By Blogger said...

You know what? I never had that kind of luck. All the stuff with the D.A.'s office, the cops and those judges in New orleans.... makes me think about coming out of retirement.