Thursday, December 06, 2007

I blog about the Duncan Plaza homeless and public housing, and then this bit of insanity comes down the pike. E connects even more "totally unrelated" dots concerning that bare necessity of a roof over people's heads in these parts and comes up with the simple truth that we are not being very kind to our neighbors, period. We've gotta do something about it - check We Could Be Famous for more.

Check G-Bitch for a reiteration - once again - on the Nine Myths and Realities of Public Housing.

Update, 6:43 PM: check Humid Haney for an online screening of This Is My Home.

And listen to 91.5 WTUL from 8-8:30AM Friday morning for an interview with Dedra Johnson, author of Sandrine's Letter to Tomorrow. Have you read the book yet? You're missing out on an incredible read if you haven't. Shame, shame, shame...head for a local bookstore right now and do so!

More news later. Must run the little guy off to school...

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