Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well, the folks over at Signal 26 have set up a handy dandy online petition for recalling the D.A. The main reason why it occurred to me to look this up is because I was actually looking for a picture of the sign I saw up at the corner of Veterans and West End today, but I'll just have to reproduce it and ask y'all who live in the NOLA area if this isn't one of the more unintentional y'at signs out there:

Actually, now that I'm looking at the reconstruction of the sign, it woulda been more y'at if it said "Recall Dat Eddie Jordan". "Recall Da Eddie" is more Brooklyn than working-class New Orleans.
Other weird signs I've seen were ones for state senatorial candidates in the St John Parish area. It was a tad bizarre seeing massive signs up for a woman with the unfortunate name of Geri Broussard-Baloney. It was even more bizarre to see signs like this that seriously emphasized the last part of that hyphenated name:
Geri Broussard
Dan thought it might be a case of Keeping Up Appearances - perhaps "Baloney" is pronounced "Bah-low-NAY". Yeah, and the candidate's name isn't a twist of fate, but a calculated stab at honesty in political campaigning. Uh-huh.
Oh, and there were some important water safety tips learned at camp this week.
It was established early this morning that not a one of us counselors could lend a paddle or an oar to the head of the swim program for use in his boat safety demonstrations. We just aren't in the habit of carrying any around. "And I must say that absolutely NONE of us are up a creek," I said to the man.
Most important water safety tip learned: when one is fully clothed and wearing a toga in a canoe, and said canoe gets overturned, the toga makes a great flotation device. Really.

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charlotte said...

The petition at Sig 26 has been up for at least 2-3 months but it's great that you've reminded people! Good on ya!