Friday, July 13, 2007

Ohh yeah, nothing like some good ol' scandal and outrage to get the blogpocheh steamed and posting.

For all things pertaining to Diaper Dave Vitter, that righteous hypocrite and sexual lawbreaker, I direct you to Oyster's and Clay's blogs, as those two have been running with this like a house afire. The posts I have linked to here are teensy tips to massive blogalicious icebergs in those two's neck of the 'Net, so just go to Your Right Hand Thief and NOLA-dishu to take all the rest of it in. Grab yourself some cocktails, 'cause you'll need 'em.

The one that has biiiig significance for this city at this time is the dismal performance of D.A. Eddie Jordan. Prosecutors threw up their hands and said they couldn't locate a key witness in this horrific murder case that occurred a year ago, so a case that, under normal circumstances in a normal city with normal people who know their jobs and actually do them, would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law was dismissed.

BUT...this is New Orleans. And Jordan is running things...into the ground. And, as a result, greater numbers of citizens are ending up six feet under due to unnatural causes. The ones who are responsible end up walking free and easy.

Take a HUGE hint from Maitri. And I don't just mean anyone who lives in New Orleans should stand up (or sit in front of their computers) and make themselves heard. If you've lived here before, go through Maitri's list of local lawmakers and press members and make yourself heard. If you want to live here, make yourself heard. If you have visited here, make yourself heard. If you haven't been anywhere near this area, make yourself heard, if only because it could happen to you.

Give massive congrats and support to councilmember Shelley Midura for possessing the steel ovaries to call for Jordan's resignation. Editor B is right - Midura has no authority over Jordan. As far as I know, Jordan answers only to the voters. Therefore Midura is exceeding her authority here. She’s sticking her neck out, taking a risk. She may pay a price for it.

On the other hand, Midura is exhibiting a Star Trek-ian "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few-or the one" attitude that this city desperately needs from its leaders. Which is also why B is right about this - since our elected officials are seriously incompetent, we need to get serious.

BUT - if you still need your serious tempered with a little humor, try some Tae Kwon Leap. I mean, really... don't all these politicos deserve a boot to the head?


James L said...

Schroeder said...

I think those ovaries just dropped into proper cojones.

Shelley rocks! I keep asking myself, where is the outrage by other members of the Council who are continuing to sidestep their responsibility to at least say Jordan is incompetent. Even if they may not legally be able to do something, they can certainly express in clear terms their dissatisfaction. I most disappointed with Stacy. I expect Arnie to punt the matter to a Town Hall. And Carter's still trying to discover why he ran for Council in the first place. The rest are worse than useless, yes, including Thomas, whose only interest is how to get his next acting gig. In fact, his Council job *is* an acting gig.

Leigh C. said...

Yes, I do wonder why the backbone she is exhibiting hasn't spread to the other councilmembers. It is THEIR city, not THEIR reputations, that is on the line. Without this city, they have no reputations to speak of.

And, as for ovaries turning into cojones, I am reminded of sculptor Louise Nevelson hanging in a bar with the largely male members of the Abstract Expressionist contingent. One of the men talked of some sort of artistic accomplishment and said, "...but you've got to have the BALLS to do THAT!"

"Oh yes," she replied. "I've got the balls."


Ain't nothin' wrong with steel ovaries. They can beat brass balls to filings any day...


Schroeder said...

Maybe we could install some of those steel ovaries in the other members of the Council -- especially the ones lacking a natural endowment of huevos.