Monday, July 16, 2007

Oyster deserves some version of a blogging Pulitzer for his tireless coverage of sorry-as-hell Senator David Vitter.


Why is only one person coming up with a side of the whole Diaper Dave debacle that makes the lawmaking lawbreaker's actions more sinister than Bill Clinton's dalliances (probably because David shares the same first name? Oooh, not a good thought...)? To really put it all in perspective, let's follow the Benjamins, y'all.

The nasty cats and dogs falling from the sky, and the accompanying thunder and lightning, that prevented my campers from swimming outside today may also have prevented Good Morning America from taking their eyes off John Edwards' town hall meeting in the Cabildo and feasting them upon the protesters calling for D.A. Eddie Jordan's resignation in front of the same building. Then again, maybe not. Who the heck knows? There IS still a major problem in the courts here, and it still stinks to high heaven.

Somebody, give these elected chumps some sense of shame...please.

An entire ruined and recovering city is begging this dead weight to just go.


oyster said...

I forgot to give belated thanks for your sweet comment. So: thanks, Leigh!

Leigh C. said...

Credit where it's due, erster, you treif thing, you! ;-)