Thursday, July 12, 2007

Perfect antidotes for the Slo-Blo blues?
Try some Rising Tide II planning meetings!

Madam Dangerblond already has her take on last night's meeting, as well as some important issues that require the help of all who are interested in RT II in any way, shape, or form. If you can't join us at Buffa's sometime before August 25-26, get thyself to the Wiki and get in on the planning there with your speaker suggestions, Friday night film ideas, stuff that was great about last year, stuff that tanked...because if you've got access to a computer, and you are interested in New Orleans and its recovery, this is your conference. No, you don't need to live here to come, either. Online registration will be up by the end of this week. (Actually, it's up now, it's just not directly linked to the RT II website. Sign yerselves up ASAP!)

But hey, you gotta experience at least one meeting if you can, if only to hear some jokes about recently blogged events (like whether "Diaper Dave" Vitter goes for disposables or cloth), or to take in Ashley's gratuitous use of Da Mayor In Your Pocket:

Hey, it coulda been worse. It coulda been Mr Rogers In Your Pocket. In fact, I propose getting one of those nifty gadgets for each student of this guy. Maybe I'll bring it up at the next RT II meeting...

Whatever you do with your "In Your Pocket" gadgets, however, don't put 'em in your popular music recordings. The phrases ARE copyrighted...

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saintseester said...

Another Rising Tide conference - wish I could be there. But, alas, I cannot. With 2 trips to NOLA planned (sept and nov), and with that being the first week that classes start, I have no hope..