Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh, no.

It's not just in the magazine. It's online.

And I had to quit reading at this, or else I'd be screaming at my monitor, which does not deserve that fate:

SS: Now that you're mayor, how does it feel to be in that arena (politics)?

RN: Overall, it’s okay. I didn’t sign up for Katrina, and that took things to a whole new level. But overall, it’s good — because the things you do as mayor definitely impact the people in the community.

Nobody signed up for Katrina, schmo, but they knew it was a possibility - and, as a supposed New Orleanian, the possibility should have been in your blood. You, you damned walking id, are the one wandering about acting as if you are in a bad dream nearly two years after the fact of the levee breaches. And I don't even know where to begin about how you are definitely impacting the people in this community. Not in a good way, though, I know that much.

Perhaps I should begin with Sheckrastos' analysis. Or Jeffrey's.

The haiku imbedded in Oyster's post is pretty poignant.

So is Ashley's assessment.

Bayou St John David's take on the putz is a must, and an absolute counter to the Stop Smiling fluff interview.

And finally, for the truly steel-stomached readers, I present the possibility floated out there by this week's Gambit Weekly. If all Nagin has been angling for is power through political martyrdom...well, the scenario Clancy Dubos writes of is really kind of appalling, sad, low-down, and openly sneaky as all hell. (Update, 7-12: Seems that David and Jeffrey floated this scenario well before Dubos did. Let's get that Gambit byline changed!)

Ugh. Maybe I need a good dose of Slo-Blo after all...

Then again, it seems to be affecting the best of us to the breaking point. Despair is one powerful political weapon.


saintseester said...

First of all, the bust image of him in that online article scared the hell out of me. And second, I have to agree with you. It's sickening. I couldn't read it. He was so blithe or glib or ANYTHING but acting like someone who was impacted for real.

I am starting to think that this C Ray is really just a pod person. The real one collapsed from the stress of dealing with Katrina, and this is his alien replacement.

Adrastos said...

Slo blo? Does that have something to do with Vitty Cent?

Leigh C. said...

Check da link, Shecky!

Then again, it just might...ewwwww!!!

bayoustjohndavid said...

Thanks for the thumbs up. I don't want to call Clancy a plagiarist, but Jeffrey and I had both made the same exact speculation about the only thing Nagin could possibly hope to gain from running, even mentiond what a failed gubernatorial bid did for Fields before he was taped stuffing money in his pockets.

Leigh C. said...

You are correct, sir. I do remember seeing it from Jeffrey before, and I'm sure it is in your posts, as you have been documenting and commenting on the Walking Id and his doings waaay more than I have, and for longer.