Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big thanks to O-Dub's post on this issue of this magazine:

On checking the contents list of the current issue, I see that not only is there focus on the Stax soul music legacy and an interview of one of my favorite musicians, there are also some NOLA-centric articles featuring Leah Chase, Tom Piazza, Andrei Codrescu, Walker Percy, Jelly Roll Morton, and - get yourselves positioned over that porcelain goddess - C. Ray Nagin, the Walking Id himself. I'm hoping the rest of the magazine will make up for the ick factor of having Mayor Nogudnik in there.

I'll just have to be blasting Sharon Jones' kick-ass version of "This Land Is Your Land" if and/or when I get to that part, I guess...or maybe I should go with "Your Thing Is A Drag"...

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