Friday, October 02, 2009

What a way to start Sukkot

Update, 8:09 PM: Sorry, folks, I meant to post the above picture. We have someone actually cultivating etrogim in her garden, and this year, it was a bumper crop of them. Some of them are also large enough that you'll probably see 'em being thrown around on the gridiron in the game this coming Sunday. I can say that not only are they as big as my head, they smell much sweeter than I imagine the lady pictured below must smell.

Check out the original and more here.

Chag Sukkot sameach to all.


Ray Ward said...

So that's what the mythical wingnut harpy looks like.

MAD said...

Why would you show such a repulsive image of Sarah Palin? How juvenile of you.

Leigh C. said...

1. I find Sarah Palin repulsive.

2. Yeah, I guess I am pretty juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Leigh, for shame...that image...I mean - her tits MUST sag some, you give her bod way too much credit unassisted by a brassiere. ;)
OMG, I actually was laughing waaaaay too hard! :)
It's the least that wretch of a human deserves, to be lampooned as such. What is it with rethuglican women being so misogynistic? Criminy, LOVE your ovaries ladies - respect 'em - don't enslave them.

Cheers Lip'!!! :)

wv: haouch - as in the haouchiemama that is palin.