Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's look at this thing from a... um, from a standpoint of status. What do we got on the spacecraft that's good?

Well, we don't have Ed Harris in New Orleans, but we're focusing on the positive here...

Neighborhood participation in crimefighting, public space planning, and local politics has increased. More people are asking questions about how our local government works, about what, if anything, is being built next to our homes, in our neighborhoods, or if absolutely nothing is going on (highly unlikely - there's always something, it seems). People are getting educated in what their criminal justice system is all about, and how loosely that term can be applied to what goes on here in New Orleans.

More people are coming here. Not sure if they are here to try to develop this place as America's last frontier, if they are genuinely here to help even after all this time, or if they are simply here to party before it gets swept into the sea by another hurricane or coastal erosion or both. Whatever. C'mon down.

Hizzoner the Walking Id's not gonna be able to run for another mayoral term in this burg. If another referendum comes this way to try to extend the consecutive term limit to three, I have the utmost confidence in this city that it will be voting that down once again.

Some of the bestest people who care so much about this town and are willing to defend it tooth and nail are right here, y'all. Once again, I'm proud to stand with 'em.

Mardi Gras is early early earrrrrleeeeee this year and is alive and well amongst the recent L-school grads and many of the NOLA blogpocheh who are preparing for the first parade of the year and the only one in Da Quarter. The little guy has begun to construct little Lego thingys and sit them atop his Matchbox cars and his Hot Wheels. "These are floats, Mom!" he tells me with great cheer. "They're ready to parade!" This year, the kid asked me for a ladder on which to sit. "We'll see," I said, knowing the ultimate answer was "Aw Hell Naw!" Besides, if the little guy gets really desperate, I know he can charm his way onto a ladder seat, especially if a little girl is already in it.

If Ed Harris isn't willing to come down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, maybe I'll simply get dressed up as Ed doing his Gene Kranz thing...I do believe it will be this city's finest hour, since the holiday is coming on so early this year. It will, once again, show us all that ultimately, we residents are the ones who will let this city sink or have it swimming like Michael Phelps for all its days.

Y'all come for our first-ever organized Krewe of Pancakes and Syrup gathering early on Mardi Gras day, right here on the gray brick road. I think you're gonna need it.


oyster said...

Fair enough. There are some bright sides that we too often miss because of the not so bright things going on.

Thanks for the run-down.

saintseester said...

Oh how I wish I could come down. I am in the mood for some gentle partying and pancakes sound really, really good!

Leigh C. said...

I'll have to make some fleur-de-lis flapjacks just for you! Or maybe they oughta be pink pancakes...