Friday, January 25, 2008

I have to approach this sort of news along the lines of "I really really really hope this sticks".

Sad, I know. But it's true...

Laureen Lentz talks of the unanimous approval of a serious overhaul of the Historic Conservation Review District Committee (HCDRC) by the City Council. She also details some of what she terms the "bi-weekly massacres of due process" she observed along with Karen Gadbois.

One important point:
Regardless of how you feel about preservation and the issue of demolitions in the City, this reform is encouraging for all citizens because it sends a clear message in its unanimous authorship by City Council that small-time dictators at City Hall can't continue to operate fiefdoms within their departments irregardless of the laws and procedures without the notice of the public. It's sometimes easy to give up but I am learning to have some faith and patience in this process of reform post-K.
Like I said before, I really hope it sticks. Especially in light of the news that really isn't very new to all us who live here.

G-Bitch actually does this kind of rundown waaay better than I have, with some rightful criticism of thrown in as a little lagniappe. R'fuah sh'leimah goin' out to The Girl in her struggles with strep, G! Y'all be well.

The parades in my neck of the woods begin tonight. One of 'em is rumored to have a real live camel marching in it - a Carnival first. Dan is also thinking it's gonna be a Carnival last, due to the cantankerous disposition of the ship of the desert. Watch out, folks, they spit. Maybe, if it does, we can get Xy to work some placenta magic on the beast.

I can, however, assure you that you won't see camels in Jefferson Parish. And that's the truth.

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