Saturday, January 12, 2008

Light Show

Talk amongst yourselves, and share your thoughts.

Thanks to Aaron and Sister 72.


New Orleans News Ladder said...

I wonder which direction the light travels. Up or Down? QED Richard Feynman said all directions at once and the reality that we "see" is what is left after all the other Infinitely Probable Realities have canceled out.

I watched the Towers go down live in Big Daddy's at the corner of Royal & Franklin. Then I stepped outside and saw a fighter jet screaming upstream about 5o feet directly above Royal, fully armed with its wings pulled back. It banked towards the river like a barracuda and I thought the world was ending and a rudderless tanker full of Chlorine was headed for the Marigny.
The light was crystalline, the darkness palpable.

I could not pedal my bike closer than two blocks away from the Superdome when they finally let everyone inside come out onto the parapets, under guard, after being locked in there for two days. The water was about three feet deep where I stood.
The light was dirty, the darkness palatable.

I watched the New Year fireworks come in from the Poland Street wharf.
The light was beautiful, the darkness sublime.

That's my story an' I'm stickin' to it.

And BTW~but for you forking flame retardant Nola Bloggers I would not have made it through that 2nd year and would have surely ended up in McDonald's with a rifle.

Thank you all,

swampwoman said...

I have not seen the twin towers lights. However C and I went down for the Sugar Bowl and as twilight grew we watched the pulsating multicolored lights dance around the Dome - very nice...

Leigh C. said...

See, that's one of the things I think about when I look at these particular photos. The Memorial in Light has been around for a short time each year since October '01 (actually, I didn't know they were still doing it until I saw the Dome pic and instantly thought of the Twin Towers' memorial - it must be in order to distract from the fact that it has taken this long for ANYthing to be done with the "bathtub"/hallowed ground/slurry-walled pit in lower Manhattan) and it is there to commemorate lives lost. The Dome lights tend to do their thing for events like the Sugar Bowl and the BCS Championship game.