Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ladies and gents, blogpocheh all, I've got an announcement.

This site is now sporting a blogroll. (smattering of applause)

(drily) Don't everyone go storming this place all at once, now.

Oh, and my mom is now reading my blog on a regular basis, which means everyone has to say, "HI, MOM!" somewhere in their comments for this post. And give her some advice on how to take this whole blogging thing. To give you an idea, I had to explain to her what this means:
Hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere.

Mom, I try to keep this site PG, more or less, but there are...heh... no guarantees concerning all the other wahoos I've linked to. Surf with care. Love from us. 8-*


jeffrey said...

Hi, Mom!

It's always nerve-wracking to meet the folks.

Adrastos said...

Hi Mrs, Lupner. I mean hi Lip's mom.
Have you read fyff yet?

Uptown Troublemaker

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Hi, Mom!

My Moms reads my stuff too, so I can relate. 'Cept she don't post comments, she calls me to tell me where my spelling errors are.

saintseester said...

I will never in a million years tell my mom about my blog. In fact I have a decoy blog about the grandkids that I write just for her, so when she overhears someone tell me they read my blog, she thinks that is what they are talking about.

Hi LipRap's Mom!!!

Ray said...

Your mom should definitely stay away from the Ann Coulter thread at my place.

I sure hope my mom does.

margalit said...

Shalom, Ima. Good to meet you!

Funky-Rat (a/k/a Railyn) said...

Good Evening, Mrs. R - you look lovely today, and might I add, that's a beautiful dress you're wearing.

In all seriousness, Yo to Leigh's mom and greetings from across the river. We all thought you were the cool mom (seriously).

Tim said...

What, a blog without free speech? That's kinda like a stereo that you never turn up past 2 on the volume dial...

Crank it up!



Leigh C. said...

Mom says hi back, y'all. She doesn't want to register and comment herself for fear of forgetting one of a gazillion different passwords she has to maintain.

"I will never in a million years tell my mom about my blog."

I personally don't mind telling Mom about my blog. I'm not maintaining a strict secret diary type of deal here; if I were, it wouldn't be out here on the Net. Then again, I'm not bent on becoming Howard Stern or anything like that, either. Mom has cursed more of a blue streak out in Houston area traffic that I probably ever will on this blog. 8-) Plus, she's an adult who's been married to my dad for umpteen years. After all that, I think she can handle the blogosphere.


But that's just my humble opining on the subject.

Keep reading, Mom. Don't let these wusses dissuade you.