Sunday, March 11, 2007

In partial response to Mr Clio of World Class NOLA, I offer up this lil' exchange I heard in passing on CNN's In The Money about the capitalist nature of Daylight Savings:

VELSHI: But what -- can we -- I really have avoided studying in on all of this. What's going on? What is it supposed to do? It's supposed to save energy.

WASTLER: Basically, that's the theory. It's that, oh, we'll have longer daylight hours and it will save energy, you know, because people can do stuff more without the lights and everything like that. But what it's really about, if you trace the history, which the guy who wrote the book did, what it's about is it's about letting people be out of doors a little bit more so they go to the store. They drive around a little bit more. So you end up actually using more money to, you know, basically go in to the coffers of the retailers.

I love how much the anchors of the show sound like Walter Cronkite. I love the fact that I am not shelling out money on a monthly basis so that these people can stay on CNN. Cable is truly not for me.

I think "the book" refers to this book. Looks like a lot of fun. One of these days, I'll get around to it. I'm too busy reading some of these, however, and laughing my head off in the process.

Oh, and I ran into Perfesser Not Dr A and his wife at the Fete Francaise on Saturday. I walked up, introduced myself and the little guy, and we talked of the blogging life a tad while balloons were passed between ourselves and the youngest of the Perfesser's clan. Later on, when Dan came to the Fete, I introduced him to the Perfesser and told Dan that he commutes back and forth from Chicago, the source of Dan's ancestors' roots and a former workplace. Dan immediately evinced a guffaw from the Perfesser when he said, "Oh, that's great! I love the drive!"

Not everybody drives on their commutes, Dan, my love.

It was lovely meeting all of y'all. One of these days, we'll all have to get together and talk over preschool admissions processes and how best to beat 'em. Until then, the blogosphere will just have to do.

I have updated this post a tad, too, since my friend J emailed me the vital info.


saintseester said...

So here I am bleary eyed on Monday, trying to get used to being sprung forward. Can't we just leave it here now? Why go back?

Sophmom said...

Cool about runnin' into the Perfesser! I hate DST. I know nobody else does. Clearly, something's wrong with me. *sigh*

Leigh C. said...

You'd think something was wrong with you - and ONLY you - but you'd be wrong!

Check out a preschool class the entire week after DST goes into effect, and you'll see what I mean.