Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm a weird broad.

Stuff I've been contemplating:

- Why is it called a "May-December romance"? There's seven months between the two, which is an odd number. Why not "May-November", or "June-December"? Does the odd number automatically doom the relationship, or what?

- My son has added new tidbits to his pop culture blender of a brain. I blame Sesame Street once again (Grover has turned into Ty Pennington) for the little guy's constant yelling of "OUTRAGEOUS MAKEOVER!" at odd times, and he now sings "What's New Pussycat" because of the movie Flushed Away. Yeah, yeah, I know...ultimately, I am responsible. At least I haven't taught him to say, "Toonces, the driving cat!" every time he sails a Matchbox car over a table's edge. Dan did that.

- In the French Quarter the other day, I heard the calliope on the steamer Natchez playing "Shortnin' Bread", and all I could think of was the Cramps' Lux Interior singing the hell out of that song. I'd dig up the album on which it's on and play it over and over again, except I don't want the little guy to start singing "All Women Are Bad" on a regular basis. Gotta be responsible, you know.

- Am I the only one who thinks that this is downright criminal? Grandmaster Flash is gonna be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before the singer of "Working in a Coalmine"? The second Lee Dorsey opened his mouth, he shoulda been in that shoddy I.M. Pei thing in Cleveland. Even the frickin' Beastie Boys have paid tribute to Dorsey. As far as I'm concerned, his "Yes We Can Can" ought to be the theme song for rebuilding this city. Huh. Do y'all think I'm sufficiently ticked about this? Read the article and read about all the other NOLA musicians who've been left outta the club. Grrrr...

- I got all nostalgic and roamed through some websites looking for some favorite old flicks of mine, stuff I haven't seen since I was in college, and, though I found information about them, obtaining them so that I can access Memory Lane through celluloid is gonna be waaay tougher, so I will need people's help on this, I guess.

Glass India- I was a teaching assistant for a continuing education course in college, and right after the first class, this one was shown as an example of what not to do safety-wise: "Of special note are the workers who toss the blowpipes to each other" - blowpipes with hot glass fresh from the furnace on the ends, pipes that gatherers are throwing to gaffers on the working floor as though they are javelins. It's all fun and games 'til someone burns the heck outta themselves, one would think - except this is the way these people work. I was also struck by the crushing poverty of those who are making the glass. I've been thinking about this documentary ever since I caught some beads off a float that were labeled "Made in India".

It's A Complex World - The people who know me might have wondered how I ended up in New Orleans in the first place, and there are many reasons...a tiny, subliminal one is this flick. I saw this movie ages ago, and loved it. I now wish I'd gotten the video, it's that good. I look around me now and realize that New Orleans has become the Heartbreak Hotel club, in that forces in and around us are conspiring towards our demise, when all we wanna do is party and live (with or without the help of drugs or alcohol). The music in this movie is hysterical, the antics of Morris Brock, the musical terrorist, will have you rolling on the floor laughing, and all the little subplots will make your head spin - in a good way. Yeah, the next time I get a menacing phone call, I want to say, "Sorry, we don't take bomb threats over the phone."

If anyone's got a lead on how to get ahold of these films, let me know. Until then, I'll be singing "Why Do We Feed The Broads?" to myself.

I told you I was a weird broad.

Wait a second...

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