Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clay at NOLA-dishu is right about this one. Good ol' common sense is in short supply in these parts, as well as the need to ask the toughest questions and get 'em answered.

I ought to send this to my dad. Mom, once you read the Metroblogging link, forward it on to Dad. He might find it interesting.

Talked with Dad on the phone last night, and the prime topics were the idiocy of the re-elected local officials in these parts - and, by vice/virtue of the fact that many locals elected Nagin and Jefferson, the NOLA populace - and the drive-by cancellations of Allstate homeowners' insurance policies here. My dad thought that the way the cancellations were done was idiotically priceless. Adjusters driving by, noting whether or not they thought the place being investigated was inhabited or no from behind their car doors, and then driving off to happily cancel policies isn't what most homeowners have in mind when they expect their homes to be "in good hands".

I know Dad thinks we're nuts, deep down. I guess we are.

When all he sees on this area in the news is how much we are overstaying our welcome in terms of aid in the rebuilding and recovery effort from the rest of the country - well, what the hell else is he supposed to think?

On second thought, I'm forwarding that Metroblogging link myself...

Oh, and Viacom is suing YouTube. As a result, the Dr Seuss Bible is on indefinite hiatus. Get thee to one's video store/Netflix queue/whatever and search it out on some Kids In The Hall DVDs. You won't be sorry.


Mark said...

Your dad's comment that New Orleans is 'overstaying our welcome in terms of aid in teh rebuilding and recovery effort from the rest of the country,' ask him which aid in particular he is talking about, because outside of the $2,000 FEMA grants no more than a few score of people have recieved any help yet.

I look at it this way, in light of the TP's revisiting of the thirty year old story on coastal erosion: I think the United States has overstayed its welcome in terms of the brutal rape of the people of Louisiana for oil and gas.

You might want to, um, rephrase that a bit more gently for your dad, but its the way I increasingly feel.

And kvetch away. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. That's why we're all going at it in NOLAblog-o-land like a rusty calliope racing down hill with no brakes.

And you're not the only whack job who's decided to move here, kids included. You really should come by the blogger's dinner on the 31st and might Rebecca and I, and Ashley and the Mrs. and brood, and Ray and his two kids.

As I pointed out long, long ago (find Little House on teh Bayou on WBG), the entire continent west of the smell of the Atlantic was settled by nuts like us.

Leigh C. said...

I emailed the Metroblogger link to Dad a few days ago. His response:

"that blogger has put some thought into the problem! those thoughts need to be broadcast,polished and discussed widely!"

I'm gonna tell Mom to get him reading the missives of the blogpocheh. Lord knows he surfs the web for hours. The LEAST he can do is stop by.

Oh and I will be there for GD III. Lookin' forward to it!

And that's Ms Whack job to ya! ;-)