Friday, December 04, 2009

Allright, enough mushy stuff. Here's a hostilidays vid that'll burn you up:

...if it were an actual monkey that were harmed in that video, PETA would sue and you'd be out a whole lotta gelt. But there's a whole lotta people short of gelt these days, anyhow. And somebody found a solution to their financial woes:

Jury's out on whether or not I'll be doing the same after my latest round of car repairs. When I paid the bill and was walking out the door of the garage, the mechanic said he always felt like a Scrooge when he had to charge people as much as he charged me for the work on my car at this most wonderful time of the year. If he weren't such a nice guy at heart, I'd liken him to that Christmas character Krampus, but he really doesn't deserve to be sent back to hell if he does something wrong by Santa.

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